Tyre PRO - 200ml Hydrophobic Tyre Sealant

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Why Tyre PRO?

A tyre dressing that is absorbed by the rubber compound to penetrate and bond at a molecular level. Unlike many tyre dressings on the market that sit on the surface of the tyre and quickly get washed off; Tyre Pro is a phenomenon in tyre dressing technology protecting them against harmful road conditions and UV rays while also providing a rich satin finish for upwards of 4 weeks even with regular washing from a single application.

Tyre Pro contains Silica-Derivative Nano-Particles and high performance waxes, which feed and nourish the rubber compound restoring health to your tired tyres whilst also providing a hydrophobic barrier.

Key Benefits

  • Provides a rich satin finish to tyres
  • Penetrates the rubber instead of sitting on the surface
  • Protects against dirt and UV rays
  • Provides upwards of 4 weeks protection from a single application even with regular washing
  • Amazing economy and endurance with very little product used
  • Hydrophobic properties

Car Care Advice

Tyre Dressings are the finishing touch to the look of your wheels and can greatly enhance the final result. Ideally applied after all other processes have been completed, the car, wheels and tyres should be clean and dry.

Direction For Use

    • Tyres should be spotlessly clean and dry before application
    • Apply as little as 4-5 drops or couple of squirts with trigger provided onto a small foam applicator in a thin and even manner
    • Work the product into the tyre ensuring full coverage
    • Once applied leave to fully dry before driving

Store above 5 degrees Celsius.

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