Trim PRO - 200ml Vinyl & Trim Coating

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Why Trim PRO?

Trim Pro provides truly magnificent protection, replenishment and restoration to all vinyl, rubber and plastic. Delving deep into the DNA of the material Trim Pro replenishes and brings back to life the worn and tired material bringing energy to the surface.

The Unique Coating restores the natural look of trim and vinyl, providing a durable and hydrophobic barrier against all weather conditions including harmful UV rays which cause discolouration and fading.

Containing a unique formula which includes Silica-derivative Nano-particles and high performance waxes, Trim Pro penetrates and bonds at a molecular level for long-lasting protection on textured surfaces.

Durability within our pro range is consistent and Trim Pro proves that with a single application exhibiting its qualities for upwards of 2 months (when applied according to the instructions). A 2 nd application is advised to maximise the benefits and even then a 200ml bottle will give you enough applications to last you 24 months.

Key Benefits

  • Contains Silica-derivative Nano-particles and high performance waxes
  • Bonds at a molecular level for long-lasting protection on textured surfaces
  • Replenishes and brings back to life the worn and tired Vinyl, Rubber & Plastic
  • Protects against fading and discolouration caused by UV rays
  • 2 months plus protection from a single application
  • Creates an extremely hydrophobic barrier to repel contaminants and water

Car Care Advice

Trim coatings provide an essential barrier to protect your Vinyl, rubber and plastics from deterioration, fading and discolouration. An integral part of the protection process a single application can prevent future issues arising.

Direction For Use

    • Ensure the trim or vinyl has been cleaned prior to application
    • We strongly advise use Prep pro or a similar residue remover prior to applying Trim Pro
    • Apply 3-4 drops or couple of squirts using trigger spray provided on to foam applicator and spread evenly over the area
    • Allow to dry naturally
    • Once dry repeat the application for maximum protection

Store above 5 degrees Celsius.

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