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TDG inspired by detail, created by enthusiasts, developed for you. Hand made, hand poured and hand labelled.

250ml Paint Sealant the Perfect Sealant for the winter boasting upto 6months protection per application, a very versatile product and protection can be prolonged for upto 12 months via wetcoat maintenance applications by diluting 15ml into 500ml water covering car and drying as usual. Can be used as a lance sealant, 25ml into 500ml water in foam lance spray car you will see it beading off immediately, power rinse off for 4 weeks protection. Can be used as a qd again dilute 10ml into 500ml water, spray on buff off

An easy on easy off sealant for those who want the best protection, durability, shine and beading, easily. A hydrophobic barrier will help protect your car's paint from bird droppings, acid rain, bugs, road salts and other elements. For extended results MangoSeal can be layered the next day between applications to allow for proper curing.

Apply on cool panels, lightly dab a lint-free cotton pad or use a microfibre applicator pad and apply to sections at a time using light pressure and overlapping strokes, a little goes a long way. You will easily be able to notice where you've been, once on, leave to cure for 10 minutes then buff off the residue using a microfibre towel.

Safety Information: 
Keep out of reach of children, eye irritant, do not ingest, try not to inhale vapours, seek medical advice if required.

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