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Wet Protector is the fastest way to improve hydrophobic properties and to protect the varnish, its application immediately after washing with a damp varnish makes the protection of the whole car takes only a few minutes. Just spray moist, clean varnish, rinse with water under pressure and dry the car thoroughly.

The product can not be applied in the sun and can not be allowed to dry.

Wet Protector is a combination of nanoparticles, polymers and sio2. This product, under the influence of water, activates and forms permanent bonds with the surface, a durable, hydrophobic protective coating is created. Wet Protector can be used as a conquer of the properties of hydrophobic waxes / sealants or quartz and ceramic coatings or as LSP. Gives super hydrophobic properties, slipperiness and protects the surface, durability of the product is 10 washes, characterized by a pleasant grapefruit fragrance

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