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Infinity Wax


We have loads to say about Rapid Detailer, for a start its been our best seller for 4 years running!

Rapid Detailer has been designed with ease of use, extreme gloss and surface slip in mind.

Using our latest 3 stage silicone technology RDS  combines ease of use which has become standard for this product with extremely effective results.

Each of the 3 polymers within RDS compliment the function of the other and can be broken down into 3 primary purposes:

  1. Gloss enhancing polymer
  2. Surface tension polymer
  3. Hydrophobic polymer

RDS V3 is also now solvent alcohol and detergent free. This not only makes RDS safer to use, but also much easier to ship overseas.

When your cars is clean but still wet after your final rinse, spray RDS on panel at a time while straight line drying with a soft dry microfibre towel.

Colour may vary.

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