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Here it is, our Nanoceramic Coating kit is available !

It will protect your loved car against rains, pollution, salted roads, swirls, and everyday aggressive environment.

It will create an ultra-glossy and hydrophobic nano layer.

Your car wash will never be the same. Rare and Quick !

Everything is included to coat a full car :

- 30ml Base Coat

- 50ml Top Coat

- Application sponge

- Microfiber cloth

- Gloves

Our special formula last 3/4 years (150 wash) depending on the conditions you store and wash your car. (avoid aggressive or abrasive products)

Finish quality of the Drexler treatment may vary depending of the cleanness of the paint. Make sure to wash it deeply before applying and that it's completely dry.

Precautions before apply:

- Base coat is fast dry, please avoid practice under burning sun, otherwise wipping would be impeded.
- Avoid practice in environment temperature under 10°C ()
- Please carry out practice under a complete cool-off state of the vehicle body, since different temperatures will change times of product hardening.
- Please completely clean your vehicle body and carry out degreasing before practice.
- Please follow herebelow procedures for the best results.
- While wiping base coat, please make sure you are working under a good light to avoid remaining residue.

Practice procedures:



- Drip Base Coat solution to coating sponge for 7-10 drops. First smear it laterally, then smear it vertically, with a "#" patern, recommended at 50x50cm for each practice area. Please use same quantity on each area for a uniform result.

- Wait for this time depending on environment temperature:
- 30°C: 3min
- 20°C: 5min
- 10°C: 8min
- Base coat hardening is directly correlated with temperature and humidity.

- Wipe during 4/5 mins with the microfibre towel, in order to make a smooth and shiny surface everywhere you applied the Base Coat. Do not leave any streaks or smudges.

- Repeat these steps on all vehicle, still working with 50/60 cm areas to be able to respect apply and wiping times.
- After completion of practice on all vehicle, wait curing between 1h30 and 2 hours depending temperature. - If you still have Base Coat, you cap apply a 2nd layer on the most exposed panels (front bumper, Hood, etc...)


After curing time, let's start with the Top Coat to give your car a crazy shine and water repelant:


- Jiggle before using, then spray it on your car (not too much) and wipe it with a dry towel, doing the same vertical and horrizontal # pattern just like base coat.
- No waiting time, you can wipe it immediatly with a dry microfiber. Do it on the entire car.
- Depending on the size of your car and the quantity you put on it, you should still have more or less top coat. You can use it 6 months later to add a protective coat layer.

Once you applied Base Coat and Top Coat, you now have a fully protected car with an exceptionally shine. 
For the best lasting, please avoid puting water on it (like rain) for the first 24h, and do not wash your car during the first week.

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