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Easy to apply, Premium Ceramic Coating boasts 2 years protection, 9h hardness, a high gloss finish and instant drying.

Suitable for Paint, Metal, Plastic, Wheels, Exhaust and more! (Scroll down to see the full list)

SPECIAL OFFER: free microfibre applicator pad with each bottle purchased (automatically included with your delivery – you don’t need to do anything).

Full Description

A multi-purpose Ceramic Coating which harnesses nano-technology for the ultimate surface protection.

Premium Ceramic Coating is a semi-permanent coating that protects and enhances your vehicles paintwork. It brings colour to life with a high gloss finish and makes your car easier to clean and maintain with it’s self-cleaning properties.

Instant drying time, allows drivers to get back on the road within an hour of application, unlike many leading ceramic coatings which take between 12 and 24 hours to dry. This super-fast drying time also enables Detailers to complete Ceramic Coating applications faster, giving them more time and freedom to get on with what they love.

Pyramid Car Care's Premium Ceramic Coating has recently been described as "the easiest ceramic coating to apply" by one of the UK’s most respected detailers, Jim White at White Details



Key features

  • 50ml bottle
  • 2 years protection
  • 9h hardness
  • Outstanding scratch resistance
  • 20-30 minute drying time
  • High gloss finish
  • Excellent UV and chemical resistance



Apply Premium Ceramic Coating by hand in 15-20 minutes (once your vehicle is prepared), with a microfibre applicator pad.

  1. Before application wash and dry surfaces
  2. Before application ensure the paintwork is fully decontaminated and if paint correction is required, complete this prior to application
  3. Before application prepare the surface by wiping over with IPA, Panel Wipe or Quick Detailer to ensure best adhesion
  4. Apply Ceramic Coating by hand using a microfibre applicator pad, panel by panel, following a cross-hatch pattern. Wait 30-90 seconds for the coating to flash and the oil slick pattern to stop moving then buff off with a microfibre cloth. Once all residue is removed wipe the surface again with the second microfibre cloth.

That’s it! Application complete.


What you’ll need:

  • 1 x microfibre applicator pad (1 included free with every bottle of Ceramic Coating purchased)
  • 1 x pair of nitrile gloves
  • 2 x microfibre cloths


Suggested quantities:

Premium Ceramic Coating covers approx. 115 sq feet per 50ml. Our suggested quantities based on broad vehicle sizes are as follows:

Small car – upto 2 layers
Medium car – 1 and a half layers
Large car – 1 layer
Motorcycle – 1-2 layers


Premium Ceramic Coating can also be applied to motorhomes, trucks, trailers, fire engines and other large vehicles. 

We do not recommend or advise that you stretch coverage or try to get more layers or vehicles than advised above (per 50ml of Premium Ceramic Coating).


Drying and Cure time

With an almost-instant drying time, you (or your customer) can be back on the road within an hour of the coating being applied.


20-30 minutes to dry –the coating will be dry to touch within 20-30 minutes, at this point you are safe to drive the vehicle.
We advise that you avoid getting the vehicle wet or washing the vehicle for 4 hours. We also advise you do not expose the vehicle to chemicals or apply further waxes or sealants for a minimum of 3 days.


4 hours initial cure time – after just 4 hours it is safe to get the vehicle wet.
We advise that you do not expose the vehicle to chemicals or apply further waxes or sealants for a minimum of 3 days, after the initial cure time.


3 days to fully cure – It takes just 3 days for the coating to fully harden and reach 9h hardness but once complete your car or vehicle’s surfaces will be protected for 2 years.


How does Ceramic Coating work?

Premium Ceramic Coating is a semi-permanent coating which bonds on a molecular level with your vehicles paint surface, introducing a crystal-clear barrier between your paintwork and nature. The Ceramic Coating fills in microscopic gaps and crevices in paintwork, forming a surface more effective than traditional wax and sealant based products. This is made possible by harnessing nanotech surface protection technology.

The crystal-clear surface offers a truly long-term protection when compared to waxes and sealants as well as greatly adding to your car’s visual appeal.


Top questions about Ceramic Coating

What can I apply Ceramic Coating to?

One of the most versatile Ceramic Coatings available today, Premium Ceramic Coating can be applied to just about any exterior surface including:

  • Paint
  • metal
  • stainless steel
  • chrome
  • gel coatings
  • plastic
  • exhausts
  • wheels

You can apply Premium Ceramic Coating to all Carbon Fibre parts, panels and shields.

It can also be applied to chrome pipes, and mufflers on cars and motorcycles as it can withstand temperatures over 1000 degrees.

In addition it is safe to apply over the top of factory decals, to add a high gloss finish to your emblems.


What can and can’t Ceramic Coating protect against?

There are common misconception about what exactly ceramic coating can and cannot protect your vehicle against. Lets start off with some common misconceptions:

  • Ceramic Coating will not make your car bullet proof – if this is something you require we recommend contacting Q Branch
  • It will not protect your vehicle against scratches and dents caused by collision
  • Rock chips are unfortunately inevitable and there isn’t a ceramic coating available that will protect your paintwork, when it happens 

However once fully cured Ceramic Coating will protect against:

  • Light scratches and swirl marks
  • Sunlight and UV rays
  • Ice and snow
  • Acid rain
  • Bird lime
  • Solvents

Premium Ceramic Coating is not a replacement for proper maintenance and a good wash routine, but it’s self-cleaning properties will help to keep your car cleaner for longer, and make washing easier.


Can I apply a wax or sealant on top of the ceramic coating?

YES! It's safe to apply wax and sealant on top of Premium Ceramic Coating as long as you wait for a minimum of 3 days, to allow the Ceramic Coating to fully harden to 9h hardness.


Further information about Premium Ceramic Coating

*Watch Jim at White Details’ review on YouTube ”The Easiest Ceramic Paint Protection For Your Car? – VLOG 060” 

Watch Offset Detailing’s tutorial “How To Apply Ceramic Coating” using Premium Ceramic Coating on a stunning purple Mclaren 570S Spider


Safety Information

Irritating to skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract. Do not breathe fumes/gas/mist/vapours.  Wear skin and eye protection. Wear respiratory protection in poorly vented areas. Do not release to the environment.

In the event of an emergency please call 01905 382690.

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